Kathak festival for dance lovers

AAMAD Kathak Dance Centre, will be hosting its second Parampara Pravah a two-day Kathak seminar and dance festival on 29 and 30 August at IIC Annexe.

The event is a research-oriented dance festival which will reinforce and transmit cultural traditions and values with the objective to revive and restore fading aspects of age-old masterpiece compositions and aesthetic aspects that are getting rare.

Scholars and doyens of Kathak hailing from different parts of the country will build the younger generations by reviving the same.

According to Rani Khatam, founder director of AAMAD, the objective of the festival is to revive the art.

“The festival will focus on old traditional dance compositions like dhrupad dhamaar, chaturang, prabandh, tirvat which will highlight the basic elements of Lucknow gharana’s andaz, that, gatnikas etc, badhat (improvisation) in nritya paksh, bhav batana.”

Soul stirring, stimulating and sensitising traditional rare musical compositions in Kathak, i.e. dhrupad dhamaar, chaturang, prabandh, tirvat will be interpreted through the imagination while reinforcing and elaborating on the poetic statement.
Elaborated movements and pure naach ke bol will be the main attraction in these compositions.

The presentation of Gatnikas will highlight subtler details with a touch of Persian elegance in the Kathak technique through finer aesthetics such as gait of beauty and style. The beauty presented with imagination carries the world of Nawabs and royalty which is symbolic of the tehzeeb of bygone times.

Through the depiction of bhav batana, the artist will portray a style which showcases a strong power of imagination and a clearer understanding about sahitya or literary content; the connoisseurs will get mesmerised through one line of a song which is creatively interpreted in several ways by the artist while sitting on the stage. The spontaneity and excellence culminates into scintillance which one wishes to convey in Bhav Batana.

The festival aims to inculcate and preserve the unique and rare compositions for the younger generations to come.
It will be a constant search of the fading rare art forms in Kathak to bring together the best of rare compositions.

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