Tourist bungalow complete, but has no water

Kurudumale, like rest of the places in Kolar district, faces acute shortage of supply

Despite being completed, the Yathri Nivas tourist bungalow at Kurudumale continues to be unused by the Tourism department.

The brainchild of the Zilla Nirmithi Kendra and built by the Tourism department, the lodge embodies the picture of a modern, tourist lodge. Underneath the surface, however, it is a building which has no water running through its taps and lines — which renders it useless as a modern lodge for visitors.

Adding to problems is Kolar’s failure in water management, which had produced severe drought conditions in the district for several months.

Search for water

When Deputy Commissioner Dr D S Vishwanath visited Kurudumale on August 9, he instructed that the building be opened for the public soon.

On behalf of the Zilla Nirmithi Kendra, two borewells were sunk on the Yathri Nivas grounds, but the wells did not reach water. Vishwananth then instructed officials from the Tourism department to supply the building with water from tankers.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr Vishwanath revealed that he had also instructed the commissioner of the Tourism department to make arrangements for water tankers.
“When lakhs of rupees have been spent on the construction of the building, and it has failed to achieve its purpose, then the best solution is to try alternative methods,” he said.

Doubtful supply

But sources at the Tourism department have expressed doubt that tanker water will not be enough sustain the large number of tourists who are expected to stay at the lodge. Many want funds to be used towards digging other borewells on the grounds, where the chances of finding water are higher.

Officers recommended that the assistance of the department of Mines and Geology be enlisted, which could make the task of finding water easier.

“With our limited budget, using tankers to supply water to the building will only increase our overhead costs,” they said.

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