A makeover for Sanjay

Sanjay Dutt recently returned from Europe after going under the knife — allegedly because of a knee problem.

Dutt’s knee problem apparently surfaced during the shoot of Anthony D’Souza’s ‘Blue’.

Though the film sank without a trace, Dutt’s knee issues did not; in fact they continue to resurface every now and then, causing him immense discomfort and pain especially during stunt sequences.

But apparently, Sanjay has decided to rectify much more than just his knee.

There were reports that the actor, on the advice of Salman Khan, had also decided to give himself something of a facelift. And removing the bags under his eyes was a priority.

There have also been reports that he would enhance his makeover by getting himself a new mop.

While the airport pictures are not telling enough – what with stubble and the rigours of long air travel showing on his face – those close to him vouch for a ‘new and improved’ Dutt for his next flick.

In fact, a source adds, “None of these treatments show instant results. Wait and watch.”

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