Power of blessings

In our lives, all of us, to which ever religion we may belong, believe in the power of blessings. Right from the moment a child is conceived, it receives blessings, and is nurtured through blessings.

Elders practise it — blessing the young, for them to feel protected and ‘be protected’, because blessings are highly potent.  To understand the power of blessings, one can find many stories in our history and mythology. The principle of the act of blessing is simple — there is a dynamic divine force in all of us, a privilege conferred on us to bless our dear ones, our youngsters, our friends, our neighbours.

In fact, the whole world can be seen as Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the whole world as one family — while bestowing heart-felt blessings.

When we believe in the power of blessing, we shall know that through blessings we are relaying the grace of God, the love of God and the power of God to protect. By receiving blessings from parents, preceptors, priests or preachers, one’s positive aura gets multiplied and enhanced, which ensures that any evil or negative force is nullified or blocked.

We all need blessings to lead a peaceful, love-filled, healthy, joyous long lives. Many youngsters feel embarrassed to touch the feet of elders as a mark of respect, they shy away from taking their blessings, because it is considered ‘archaic’ and obsolete by them.

Families which believe in the power of spoken word and the touch of healing hands, will always wait to get blessed. They seek opportunities to get blessings from seers, saints and savants.

Atheists may call this all humbug because for them divinity does not exist. Hence they mock the very concept of somebody blessing the other.

The words uttered as a blessing give more life to humans, rejuvenate them, fill their hearts with renewed spirit. How a three-year-old survived death recently after being blessed by the Pope shows the power of blessing.

In February this year, an Australian girl, who was blessed by Benedict XVI when he was in Sydney, escaped death in a miraculous manner. Her father Peter Hill rolled his 22-seater bus on top of his daughter Claire in a queue for petrol on the South Coast.

Lodged under the dual rear wheels of the four-tonne vehicle, there was no chance Claire would have survived, but astonishingly, the little girl escaped death with only a few bruises.

The tyre marks were visible on her tiny abdomen, but she astounded her parents and medical specialists by surviving the ordeal without internal injuries, broken bones or lasting physical damage of any kind.

“I couldn’t think anything other than a guardian angel was holding that bus up and keeping the weight off her,” Hill was quoted saying. His wife, Sue Hill, a mother of 11, was inclined to believe in the power of prayer. “I had put a miraculous medal (of Mother Mary) on her just an hour before,” she said.

Despite experiencing a major trauma, she has no broken bones or serious internal injuries. The Children’s Hospital said it was hopeful Claire would make a full recovery...Oh, the power of blessings!

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