Whirlwind tour: Ministers gone in 30 minutes

Whirlwind tour: Ministers gone in 30 minutes

Drought visit: Convoy comprising more than 30 cars vroom through villages

Whirlwind tour: Ministers gone in 30 minutes

How much time does it take  to understand the problems of farmers and people in drought affected villages of the district?

Less than 30 minutes if you go by whirlwind ‘drought visit’ taken up by former chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda, deputy chief minister K S Eshwarappa and district in-charge minister S A Ramdas in the district on Tuesday.

The ministers and former chief minister arrived at around 11.30 am at Handanahalli near Bilikere, about 15 kms from the city, and visited the house of a BJP party activist and held a discussion about drought in the region. Having held discussions for about 10 minutes, the ministers left the place and then headed to Doddabeechanahalli.

On the way, they stopped at the farm of ryot Annaiah and spoke to him about the issues affecting farmers. Annaiah poured out his heart to the ministers telling them that his crop had dried up owing to lack of rains. Having heard the travails of the farmer for another 10 minutes, the ministers left the place to attend a BJP party convention organised at Bilikere.

However, work to rejuvenate a lake under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) at Doddabeechanahalli caught the attention of the ministers. Former chief minister Gowda asked the women working at the lake if they were receiving money into their accounts on time, for which they replied in the affirmative. Spending another five minutes at the location, the convoy sped towards the BJP party convention organised at Bilikere.

Large convoy

Farmers and local residents suffering from drought were dumbstruck watching the number of cars that had lined in their villages. More than 30 cars belonging to various followers and officials followed the ministers. Cars belonging to the former ministers, MLCs, heads of various boards such as Karnataka Housing Board, Mysore Lacs and Paints, regional commissioner, deputy commissioner, superintendent of police, ZP CEO, officials of departments including agriculture sped past the villagers, leaving a trail of smoke.

One of the drivers of the car, on condition of anonymity told this reporter, “Yeshtu waste sir... mooru bus madbeku; ondu ministergalu mathe PA galige, innondu officers goskara, mathondu nimma press ge. Saaku. naavu swalpa aaramagi irabahudu, karchu kammi madabahudu.(What a waste sir... they should make three buses; one for ministers and PAs, another for officers and the third one for press. Enough.We can also be at ease and reduce cost too.)”