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Find, save music

Audials is a great service to find and save music. Enter the genre, artist, album or song title, Audials will fetch the desired music either by recording from an Internet radio station or by directly downloading that from a website.

Whenever you listen to music on any website, Audials can record that music for you and then automatically save it for you as an MP3 file. No matter if it is a streaming service like Simfy or a music portal such as Last.fm or Grooveshark. Similarly, you can also use Audials to save videos. It displays a button next to videos in any browser or stream player and lets you record. www.audials.com/en/one/index.html

(Contributed by Amogh A Joshi)

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird, a free mail application, is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It makes sending large files very easy. You can upload them to an online storage and share the link, instead of sending the file directly as a message attachment. 

It has a good search function and offers many useful add-ons and themes to suit our mood.

By a single click of a button you can import all your mail contacts and settings from other mail applications.  

(Contributed by Ram Kumar)
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