Expressing emotions on canvass

Expressing emotions on canvass

Expressing emotions on canvass

“She was and is with me in my ups and downs. She is my lone supporter and a source of my inspiration. There were testing times in our lives and she came out of these situations in flying colours like a true Indian wife,” says veteran artist Devdas Shetty when asked about his wife Sumitra.

Shetty dedicated an art exhibition to his wife Sumitra on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary.

Speaking to Deccan Herald after the inauguration of the expo at Prasad Art Gallery, Devdas reveals that he met his wife in one of his art expos in Udupi.

“Sumitra had visited my painting expo. I had painted a portrait of a leper and I could see pain on her face when she saw that painting. She understood the artist’s emotions. I thought that day that she is the right match for me and that was the best decision of my life. I have struggled as an artist and she was there with me. She has sold her jewelery to fund my art expos. She has kept me going,” he says.

Artist Devdas Shetty is known for his Indian contemporary art works. Most of his artworks
portray folk life, culture and the essence of being human. Inspired by real life situations, the artist blends natural with abstract trying to touch the viewers emotions.

“I love visiting villages. My imagination reaches a high when I wander here. When I find a subject that inspires me, I make a quick sketch and later I paint it in detail on a canvas. Most of the paintings are from my imagination,” says Shetty.

The artist is fascinated with nature colours. “Any artist who is in love with rural life will use earth colours. Most of the colours are mixed by me on glass. I think a lot before applying colours on the canvas,” he says and adds that an artist cries and laughs through colours, sketches, lines and compositions.

Explaining one of his favourite paintings, ‘First touch,’ Shetty explains how lovers feel the concordance of nature.

“Everything seems to be in a perfect harmony. Everything seems beautiful when you are in love,” he says.

Devdas Shetty is famed for his metallic mural artworks. The artist embosses metal and water-proof plywood on murals.

The expo was inaugurated by Alva’s Education Institutions Chairperson Dr M Mohan Alva. The paintings will be on display till August 30 between 10 am and 7 pm.