Some food for thought!

Dishing out

The commerce department of the Mount Carmel Pre-University College hosted a food fest on its campus recently.

Excited: Students busy at the stalls during the food fest.

The ambience looked like a carnival of sorts, with over 68 stalls serving mouth-watering dishes.

The fest was planned and put together by the I and II PUC commerce students.

In addition to fast food and desserts, there was biryani and paranthas as well.

The students and the teachers helped themselves rather generously at the chaat stalls.

If this was not enough, the juices, mocktails and desserts stalls had some enticing and unusual items.

Almost all the stalls were teeming with people. The continental and Chinese stalls registered the maximum sales. 

Apart from the food stalls, there were also counters offering nail-art, hair-crimping, hair-straightening, mehendi designs and tattooing.

An impromptu discotheque with pulsating lights and music ensured
that the girls had a rocking time.

The food fest had students from the neighbouring stalls supporting and helping each other in setting up stalls and organising the sale of their snacks.

The fest not only brought out the student’s leadership qualities but showcased their enthusiastic participation, co-operation and integrity.

The faculty and the students had a great time. Dorcas, head of the department of commerce, said that the students got a feel of the practical exposure about what they learnt in class, “They learnt how to invest money and make profits.

A few of the teams also incurred losses but they took it in their stride,” she said. She added, “All the items were made by the students themselves. We also spotted a couple of parents come in to help their wards.” 

Suma, a student of commerce, said, “Big things always come in small packages. This was one such occasion. The fest illustrated that it is not the numbers that matter but the enthusiasm and spirit behind the venture.”

The class of II MECA won the prize for best participation with 12 teams participating from the class while the class of II SMCA won the food fest by generating the maximum amount of profits.

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