Earning while learning

Earning while learning

Part-time jobs

Earning while learning

In an age when having a decent lifestyle is getting more expensive by the day, students and young professionals in the City are resorting to part-time jobs to meet their growing demands.

For some, the earnings are over and above the pocket money they get from their family. For others, it’s just an excitement to do whatever they want with their hard earned money.

Other than the usual content writing, data entry or call centre jobs, writing articles for magazines and newspapers is a popular area to consider for students looking for an extra buck.

“I used to write for a local newspaper. It was like a free supplement paper which used to be delivered to the houses in the area. I chose it because I could take my own time and do it when I wanted to,” says 17-year-old George Solon.

Though the newspaper shut down soon after he joined, he loved the idea of gaining work experience at such a young age.

Besides, he had ulterior motives for taking the job in the first place.

“I don't get pocket money and my parents give me money when I want. But I need to provide them accounts for where the money goes. So, whatever I earned through writing was like unaccountable money that I could spend without anyone asking me why,” he confesses.

He quickly defends the statement by adding that he used ‘most’ of the money productively by buying himself a much needed set of headphones and by taking his mother out to a fancy restaurant on her birthday.

Freelancing is another area that seems lucrative to the younger bunch, be it in fields like designing, advertising or writing.

Freelance designer Kabini Amin is one such example. She went to National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and started taking on projects while in college.

She later moved to Bangalore, where a great deal of her projects was materializing.
“I initially got a few projects and I liked the flexibility. You could do it at your own time and take on as many as you wanted. Besides, I prefer working by myself,” says the 24-year-old.

“I’m completely independent financially now and it’s what I’ve wanted for myself for quite a while now. It works out for me but this may not be the best option for others. Everyone just has to figure out the work rhythms that go with their personality,” she advises.

She is right to say that because not everyone feels the need to take on part-time jobs. Vikas, a second-year student in one the City’s top colleges, confesses that he is just too lazy to go that extra mile.

“I’m studying now to be qualified enough to get a well paying job. There’s a time and place for everything. For me, I don’t want to look back at college life and regret not spending time with my friends,” he admits.

Looking at it objectively, his argument is valid for a student whose parents are willing to pay for his expenses till he starts working.

It’s a matter of personal choice whether taking on that extra work is worth it or not. But if one is not being able to pay the bills, a part time job is definitely an option to consider, regardless of one’s age.