'All is well that ends well'

Exploring reality

Director Madhur Bhandarkar’s films have always created a flutter by taking the mask off a particular industry. But the director says one shouldn't be judgemental about his upcoming film ‘Heroine’.

Strong take:  Madhur Bhandarkar

The film seeks to chart the rise and fall of a Bollywood heroine and show the inside workings of the movie industry.

His earlier films such as ‘Fashion’, ‘Page 3’ and ‘Corporate’ have explored the reality behind the surface gloss of the respective professions. “All my films create controversies.

I have always wanted to make a movie showing the inside picture of the film industry and base it on current issues.

I don't know whether ‘Heroine’ will create a flutter and let’s not get judgemental about it,” said Madhur.

‘Heroine’ has undergone quite a few hurdles, what with actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan dropping out after shooting had already begun.

Kareena Kapoor stepped in her place and now that it is all set to see the light of day on September 21, the filmmaker is excited and looking forward to the audience's reactions.

“I would say all is well that ends well. I make every film with the same grit and passion. Whether it will earn awards or money, is for the audience to decide,” he said.

The film’s item number Halkat Jawani has already garnered one million views on Youtube and Madhur said such songs may have earned a tag now but they have been a part of films for a long time.

“Actresses like Aruna Irani, Bindu, Helen have performed them earlier. It's only now that they have been tagged as item numbers. I would like to have a song like this in all my films,” he said.

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