'Acting happened by chance'

Experimental Touch

Prateek Chakravorty is as excited as can be about his directorial debut, ‘From Sydney with Love’ which hits theatres this Friday.

He has created an identity for himself and is extremely positive about the reception that his ‘fam-com’ (family comedy) is going to receive. Metrolife caught up with the young director-cum-actor when he was recently in the City.

Happy: Prateek  Chakravorty“Pramod Films was a very reputed banner in its time and while reinventing it, I wanted to maintain the scale it was famous for.

My grandfather was the one who introduced Bollywood to overseas shooting in films like ‘Love in Tokyo’.

I couldn’t compromise on that,” says Prateek, the proud grandson of late Pramod Chakravorty.

“I could go into more experimental subjects that require a lesser budget. But for the first production, I wanted something with a more universal appeal.”

Interestingly, this film has a budget of close to Rs 23 crore, a huge amount for a film with no star value.

The film revolves around a young girl’s journey from a village in West Bengal to Australia for a scholarship. As she explores this new country, she meets the good guy, bad guy and the obnoxious fat boy, who is played to perfection by Prateek himself.

He notes, “I wasn’t expecting to act. When I wrote the character, it had a lot of my own elements in it. I was taking auditions for the role and there were certain nuances that I expected to be delivered but it wasn’t coming through.

I just thought — why not make a bigger gamble than this film already is?” The result of this afterthought can be seen clearly in his character, Raj Bakshi.

“I’m predominantly a director, writer and producer for this film. Acting happened by chance. But if people appreciate me and see something to this well-rounded personality, I might consider focusing on it,” laughs Prateek, pointing to his pot belly.  

In ‘From Sydney with Love’, what he loved most was the fact that he was working with a group of talented youngsters who were always keen to learn and experiment. “It’s all about trust on the story you’re telling, the conviction of the content and the casting according to a character.

Even if I did have access to stars, it wouldn’t really fall fit. I wanted to go with someone with no image,” shares the director with conviction.

This was his first official trip to Bangalore that he remembers, with a blurry memory of visiting the City when he was a kid. “This place is awesome! My journey from the airport to the city made me feel like I was in Singapore.

I think I’d like to take out time and come back and experience the City for all it has to offer,” adds Prateek with a smile.

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