Integrating online tools and social media for short-term courses

The paradigm of learning and education is seeing a shift more gradual in India than elsewhere. It is much easier to learn online now than it was a few years ago. Information is less-restricted, often free and easily available.

Which is why recently, top institutions such as Harvard and MIT joined hands to launch an initiative called EdX to offer online technical courses.

One of India’s only online education portals,, offers online certification courses in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing to fill the gap by providing industry-specific training to aspiring new media marketers. 

“The best lecturers in the world are delivering quality education online. There is no reason why anyone should be deprived of a learning opportunity because they are not able to make it to the classroom due to time or any other constraint,” says Aman Kapoor, Founder,

Students will be given login details on signing up. The courses can be pursued at one’s convenience as the classes are held on weekends at different time-slots, selected by the individual. Even assessments are done through topic-wise quizzes and a final presentation by the student.


Companies around the country are hiring experts in the online marketing domain for different roles like a social media marketing campaign strategist, community manager, etc.
According to a report by Ma Foi, an HR recruitment firm,  around 10,000 jobs are to be created in the social media marketing domain in 2012.

Industry experts tend to agree with the potential opportunities social media is creating for students. “For many individuals, Facebook and Twitter are mediums to engage online, but only a few know how to make effective use of these marketing mediums which offer lucrative opportunities.

Online certification courses such as WSM Education’s Social Media Marketing course, act as a bridge between these two. They provide an opportunity to be special, to know way more than what a normal individual knows about social media and that’s the marketing potential,” says Tarun Vaid, Online Marketer at

These courses are not too hard on the pocket. The price-range varies from Rs 3,499 to Rs 4,999.

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