Third layout is most neglected area in Gonikoppa

The third layout in Gonikoppa is in deplorable condition with the residents residing in 10 feet area with a small hut to protect themselves from the rain and sunshine.

The area was a dumping yard 20 years ago. On one corner of the dumping yard, the daily wage labourers are residing in a hut made of asbestos sheets. One can see heaps of garbage on one side of the layout and on the other, huts on the banks of Keerehole.

The Gram Panchayat instead of evicting the residents, has issued licences to construct huts and has provided infrastructure facilities like drinking water, road and drainage facilities. The rise in the water-level in Keerehole inundates the entire layout. They are forced to shift themselves to the gruel centres as and when the area floods.  With the gram panchayat taking up the work on desilting, the fear of flood has reduced. Stray dog menace has increased in the region. The entire area is filled with filth and strong smell is emanating from the area make the residents to close their nose while at home.

The slush filled road is making the situation worse. There are more than 30 families residing in the region. The Gram Panchayat had promised to distribute ashraya houses to these residents at Kunda, four years ago. However, the promises have remained only on paper. Leave alone constructing the houses, the GP has failed to identify the land as well.
The Gram Panchayat had repaired the roads in Gonikoppa by utilising a sum of Rs three crore. However, they are least bothered about our problems, said the residents.

Residents speak

Jayamma, a resident said “Gram Panchayat president had promised to issue title deeds to us, two years ago. However, no action has been initiated to distribute the title deeds.”  Ganesh, another resident said “we are residing amidst a mound of garbage. The mosquito menace is on rise. We are finding it difficult to lead a decent life during monsoon.”


Gram Panchayat President Rajesh said that as many as 70 families are residing in slums in Gonikoppa. Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah and District-in-Charge Minister Appachu Ranjan are planning to construct apartments and distribute it among them. 

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