Gani & Chokki

Chokki and Gani were madly in love and very loyal to each other.

Gani, the super dog entered our house as a pup without any notice on a Vinayaka Chathurthi day.

Earlier, a six week old cute German shepherd pup had been stolen from our compound leaving my little niece inconsolable and uncontrollably sobbing. Moved on seeing her cry, Mr Shetty, a good Samaritan, put a month-old pup with black fur, in her hands. She was overjoyed and struggling to hold when the wriggling precious gift came in running. Within a short time the dog had grown unusually large, which made me ask Shetty about the pup’s antecedents. He surprised me by his nonchalant, “Who knows”! He clarified later that Gani’s mother was a German shepherd in his Coorg estate and the place was frequented by wild dogs and wolves. He wouldn’t rule out an accidental encounter resulting in his GS delivering pups of nondescript breed! He remembered my niece and brought the pick of the lot to her.

He must have guessed right because Gani grew up very soon to a massive size with a coarse jet black coat. His gait, intelligence, alertness and speed were unique. His bark would send shivers scattering strays on roads to scurry for safety. When he stood with his front paws on the compound wall and looked out majestically, passers-by stopped and admired him. However, he was very obedient and would follow me like a lamb when I walked him. But, there was a familiar stray female we had named Chokki, which tagged us unafraid during our walks.

One day I caught Gani and Chokki smooching; the later thrusting her head through the gate grill from outside and Gani standing inside. Chokki was adept in scaling compound walls and soon was found often in the unfrequented passage in our house with Gani, petting! I had seen Chokki spurn the advances of all other dogs and wait for a chance to be with Gani. Many dog lovers wanted him as a bridegroom for their female pets but Gani seemed to practise a strict ‘Eka pathni vrutha.’ Surely, Chokki and Gani were madly in love and very loyal to each other!

One morning our servant maid rushed in excitedly and exclaimed, “Anna! You have become a grand- pa!” Seeing my confused look she urged me to go outside and see in the road side gutter. I was surprised to see three black fur balls, exactly like what Gani looked, when he first came to us. Chokki was there and the little ones were suckling. Chokki used to run away whenever she saw me but now, looked at me proudly. I turned round to congratulate Gani but he bolted inside un-concerned.

I observed that people walking past my house smiled knowingly after looking at the pups in the gutter. Even as we were contemplating to bring them inside, someone took them away realising their worth. The story ends sad. Gani suddenly became ill with frequent convulsions and inspite of best medical attention died. Chokki, robbed of her off springs and lover missing, was forlorn, distraught and looked dazed and lost. One day she suddenly disappeared and was never seen again.

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