Rajayoga-The king of all yogas

Yoga is the word that most of the people are talking about a lot nowadays.There are a lot of telivision programmes, workshops,books,events that are designed on this topic called Yoga.

There are several types of Yoga in the world, having their own methods and attainments. But the one that is taught by the Brahmakumaris worldwide is called “Rajayoga” – The king of all Yoga’s. It is called the king of all yogas ,because  it  enables one to rule various organs of the body and also control the subtle energies - mind, intellect and Sanskar , which are deep rooted in the soul.

Rajayoga enables one to attain the fruit of all types of yoga that exists in the world, as it connects directly with the Supreme, the highest being. One doesn't have to give up one's worldly duties to practise this yoga. Even a business tycoon who has great responsibilities can, as well, practise it easily and regularly. Practising this yoga enables one to conquer vices, entitling to sovereignty of the world or to  'the self-sovereignty' (Swa-rajya).

How different is it from other types of yoga? Well!! The biggest difference is that it emphasises on forgetting the body, bodily relations and things while sitting in any easy posture without being conscious of one's body or breath and  focus all the thoughts on the point of light – The supreme . It allows us to understand the self, supreme, our relationship with supreme, the cycle of time,karma philosophy and many such aspects of life which we are not aware of. The most beautiful thing about Rajayoga is ,that it can be practiced while performing all our regular and routine actions. Hence it is also called as “Karma Yoga” One can, therefore, stay at home with the family and enjoy life in its real sense completely with regular practice of Rajayoga and lead a happy and healthy life.

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