MPs support Rs 2,000 universal pension

Members of Parliament cutting across party lines supported the demand of universal scheme for pension of up to Rs 2000 per month to all citizens above 55.

MPs, including D Raja (CPI), Sitaram Yechury (CPI-M) and Prakash Javadekar (BJP) on
Wednesday addressed a demonstration at Jantar Mantar and pledged their support for universal pension.  

“Our party will not rest till this demand is met,” Raja said.

Sitaram Yechury stated if government stop privileging the corporate with tax wavers, it could get Rs 5000 as pension, and not just Rs 2000.  

"This is such a basic entitlement that you must wrest it, "said Medha Patkar.
Javadekar said, "Stop the scam and you will find money to pay pension."

The Pension Parishad, launched under the leadership of Baba Adav and Aruna Roy, is demanding a universal scheme for elders.

It says that the targeted Pension system from the Central government pays only a meager Rs 200 per month.

The government has raised it to Rs 300, but it only covers 25 per cent of those who need it.

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