World in your living room

World in your living room

World in your living room

Collecting curios from all across the world has become quite a rage these days. A passion for many people, they prefer to collect and decorate their houses with curious from across the world so as to add an international touch to their home decor.

Raji, an art collector who also owns a company, selling curios from all across the world said, “The concept of decorating houses with traditional items is passé. People are holidaying abroad and often have relatives who stay overseas. That is where they get the stuff from. Whether it is pieces of art from Asia or tribal artefacts from South Africa, you can spot many such curios in many households.”

Statues of the Buddha are popular with most households. The trend is also for collecting South East Asian products and people are taking a keen interest in buying things made from Bamboo and lacquer as against crystal and wood.

Shweta Mani who is an entrepreneur says that the response for curios from different parts of the world has been overwhelming and people like to buy curios from Asian countries.

“While Buddha has been an all-time favourite, lacqu­e­red products are also very popular. Items like lamps made of lacquer and lacquer ware have received a lot of appreciation and has pretty much become a part of the lifestyles.

“People in Delhi are widely travelled and take a keen interest in art from across the world. Since Asian designs and colours are very similar to that of India, it attracts attention immediately,” she says.

Bamboo lamps, artifacts made from brass, copper and other metals and reclining Buddha have a huge market and many people prefer to keep them at their home for good luck and peace. “I travel throughout the year for business as well as pleasure and love collecting curios and artifacts from the countries I visit. Asian countries have a lot of variety and each curio has a special significance or a hidden meaning, which is quite interesting,” said Indira Basu, a marketing professional.

Regular collectors prefer to keep it minimalist. “I think the minimalist look is in and the modern houses have a very minimalist decor. The European look of huge chandeliers does not gel with the modern day decor at all. People like to explore various materials today and not stick to conventional items. I feel bamboo lamps which cast different types of shadows on the wall is chosen over chandeliers,” said Lakshmi Ramaswami, an architect.