Maken to Unmukt's aid

Maken to Unmukt's aid

Exam issue

Maken to Unmukt's aid

India’s under-19 World Cup-winning captain Unmukt Chand has found support from senior team captain M S Dhoni and Sports Minister Ajay Maken after it was revealed that he may have to lose a year because of low attendance at his college.

Unmukt, a BA first year student, did not meet the minimum attendance requirement of 33 per cent as per Delhi University rules because of his cricketing engagements, and was barred from taking his first BA Part-I final exam.

The St Stephens’ Alumni Foundation stated the permission to take the exam could only be given by the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University.  “As regards Unmukt’s shortfall in attendance, because of which he was debarred from taking his 1st BA Part-I Final Exam, he had to seek legal intervention from the High Court to permit him to take the exam.

In the interim, it needs to be recognised that Unmukt’s shortfall in attendance was beyond the discretion vested in the Principal of the College to condone, and such condonation could only be given by the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University,” the foundation said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Maken assured he would take up Unmukt’s case with Delhi University and St Stephen’s College authorities.

“I think it’s totally unfair. The university and the college authorities instead of disallowing him from exams should find a way out for such sportspersons. I intend to take up the issue with the Delhi University and also with his college,” said Maken.

“It’s because of the sports quota that they induct such  players into their colleges and universities. So, instead of just saying that we won’t allow you to give exams, they should try and counsel such students. They should call them, have special classes and if needed also hold special exams for them,” Maken said.

Dhoni also came out in support Unmukt, saying the Delhi lad’s case reflected the apathy Indians have towards sports. “Marks for sports takes back seat, attendance for now takes centrestage. This shows how much importance sports has in India. Sad to hear,” Dhoni wrote on Twitter.

Unmukt’s father Bharat Chand hoped the matter will be solved. “With the court case nearing, I would not like to comment on it. I hope the matter is solved,” he said.
Delhi coach and St Stephen alumni Vijay Dahiya defened the player. “When you are not playing, you can attend the classes but then Unmukt was playing almost every tournament. Even if he had wanted to he wouldn’t have been able to attend,” Dahiya said.