Three forms on one stage

Three forms on one stage

Three forms on one stage

It was a treat to see three gifted dancers performing three different genres of Indian classical dance on the same platform. Nothing could get better at the Ananya Nrithyallosa - 3, held at Seva Sadan. Intricate footwork, myriad expressions and crisp movements marked the performances.

While Prakruthi L S presented a bharatanatyam recital, Rekha Raju showcased mohiniattam and Vandana Supriya performed an odissi dance.

Rekha Raju opened her act with a varnam — Nala Damayanti set in raga shudh dhanyasi in adi talam. The varnam went on to define Damayanti’s love for Nala. She sends a swan as a messenger of her love.

The expressions were lucid and the handwork beautiful. Her second item was an Ashtapadi in raga hindolam, set in adi talam. A piece from Geeta Govinda, it brought out her best as she portrayed the sorrow of a gopika who is missing Krishna. She was applauded by the audience for her commendable footwork.

She closed her act with a harivarshanam set in shree raga, based on Lord Aiyappa. “Classical dance is always so fascinating. It is all pervasive and involves all the concepts of time as well as space. It was amazing to dance on the same stage on which two other dance forms were being presented. We got our own time and I really enjoyed it,” said Rekha.

The strong footwork of Prakruthi and her command over bharatanatyam was brought out well in her performance. Her amazing use of the stage and the resonant expressions stole the show.

 “I love bharatanatyam and have watched many other shows of Prakruthi. She is a very experienced dancer and it is really great to see her perform,” said Revathi, who had come to watch the show.

Odissi dancer Vandana Supriya presented a complete performance and like any other odissi recital, concluded her show with a moksha, in which she surrendered herself to the almighty in order to attain salvation.

She started off with a rama mangala charan, which describes the beauty of Lord Rama and later goes on to praise Lord Hanuman as well as Sita.

Next, she showcased a megha pallavi, set in raag megha, which describes the rains.
“It is an elaboration and applies to both music as well as dance. It consists of both nritta as well as abhinaya,” said Vandana.

She went on to perform a sajakonjonaina , which is an abhinaya piece based on
Radha and Krishna.