Strange series of events

The Truth About Charlie airs on HBO on September 29 at 9 pm. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Thandie Newton, Tim Robbins and Joong-Hoon Park. Regina (Newton) is a woman stuck in a strange marriage with the enigmatic Charles Lambert (Dillane). When she meets Joshua Peters (Wahlberg) while vacationing in Martinique, she decides it’s time to end her marriage.
However, upon her return to Paris, there is no need to end the marriage as Charles has been murdered. In addition, their apartment and back accounts have been emptied. The problems continue to pile up when three of Charlie’s cohorts harass Regina for the money that he owed them.
Inscrutable secret agent, Lewis Bartholomew (Robbins), finds himself caught up in this strange series of events. It seems that there is more to her dead husband than meets the eye, and that she must find out the truth if she is to stay alive. But is Joshua really a friend or a foe? 

Make that change

Discovery Channel brings Changemakers Asia on September 29 at 8 pm. The new series brings forth scientists and activists across all fields of science and technology who are coming up with ideas large and small, all aimed at fighting global warming and other climatic changes.
This episode shows the home of the future — a Japanese dream of technology saving the world. A complicated Japanese gizmo allows us to generate our own, clean power within the home, and an Indian engineer guides the team around his house, showing all the very simple technologies he’s gathered together to make the building almost completely self-sustaining and eco-friendly without all the suffering that normally entails.

Not an easy job

Animal Planet presents the new reality series Jockeys, taking viewers on and off the racing track — from the jockeys’ homes to their rooms where we see how these athletes physically and emotionally prepare for each race.
At the starting gate, the anxious energy of the horse and jockey must be contained within their stall. This adrenaline pumping docu-drama chronicles the lives and careers of seven 112-pound jockeys and their 1,200-pound horses. Tune in for an amazing thrill on September 29 at 10 pm.

Living a dream

Discovery Travel and Living presenter Simon Davis visits some of Britain’s finest homes in an exploration of the very best of British twentieth century architecture on September 29 at 9.30 pm. Living With Modernism tells the history of their commission and construction and meets the people who actually live in these impressive and unusual homes as Simon is visited to stay with them for the weekend.