Much hope for the future

Much hope for the future

The annual graduation ceremony of PES Institute of Technology saw a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The final-year students of the college were nostalgic as they attended the ceremony.

The graduating batch of the college.

M R Doreswamy, the founder and chairman of PES Institutions, and other guests distributed the certificates to the students of various engineering disciplines. The chairman said that it was not necessary for the students to get high marks as all of them are gifted in their own way. “You are lucky to graduate at a time when the country is in need of well-trained engineers. Even if you did not get high grades, remember that each of you have unique talents that are not measured by grades. There are no grades in the outside world except those set up by you. Continue to develop your individual strengths,” he added.

The students were happy to spend some time with their old classmates and friends and they could be seen chatting and catching up with them. “We are thrilled to meet our friends. We have had so many good times in college and now that it is all over, we are experiencing mixed feelings,” said Veena, a final-year student of the college.

The students were advised not to settle for just ‘good enough’ and to aspire, instead, for the best. The students were happy with the kind of exposure thay had got in the college and were all set for their upcoming stint in the industry. “We never realised how these years in college went by. We had an excellent time in college and had so many different kinds of experiences. Some were challenging, whereas others were full of fun . In the end, they helped us grow  and now we are graduating,” said Abhijit, a student.

While some students said that they will miss college, others are all set for a new life. “I am looking forward to being a professional and being a part of the industry. College was a learning experience. The best part about college is that we meet so many people, face so many ups and downs in life and in the end, come out stronger,” said Veera, another final-year student. The students were thrilled to get their graduation certificates. As they threw their graduation hats into the air, all of them hoped for a fruitful life ahead.