Kids let their hair down

Kids let their hair down

More than 4,500 school students participated in ‘Horlicks Wizkids 2012’, a two-day inter-school fiesta, which was held at Chowdiah Hall recently. There were more than 40 exciting art, literary, cultural and fun competitions.

Participants displaying their dishes.

Students from more than 71 schools in the City took part in competitions like ‘Wiz Quiz’, ‘Melodious Band’, ‘Mentor Minute to Fame’, ‘Wiz Team Campaign Round’ and ‘Dance Icons’. There was also fancy dress, face-painting, musical theatre, Hindi ‘funtakshari’ and style-act competitions.

The hall was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm as the children cheered on their respective schools. They put up their best, whether it was the dance competition or cooking without fire. The dance finals saw schools like Clarence Public School, Frank Anthony Junior School, Sindhi Public School etc displaying their talents. Genres like hip-hop, tap dance, salsa, Western contemporary dances as well as Indian classical dances were showcased by the students.

Sindhi Public School did a fusion of Western as well as hip-hop dance. St Joseph’s Indian High School presented a dance portraying the theme ‘Smoking and Drinking Kills’. It was mix of hip-hop and contemporary styles.

Clarence High School presented a fusion of fast and slow numbers. Florence Public School stole the show with a right mix of salsa, hip-hop and Western contemporary styles.
With brilliant choreography as well as good use of props, they became the favourite of the audience.

While the dance competition was taking place on one side, the little chefs were adding finishing touches to their dishes on the other side. Lalith Shetty, a student of Frank Anthony Junior School, made chocolate ladoos and salad. “I am very excited to present my dish, I have used a ladoo mix to make my dish and added chocolate shavings on top.

Also, I have made a salad, which has sprouts and some regular vegetables like cucumber and tomato in it. This competition has given a lot of scope and there are so many events that are taking place here. It’s great to be a part of it,” said Lalith.

Sai Sowmya, a student from Cambridge High School, Yelahanka who had prepared a fruit dessert said that she loves cooking. She said she is happy that she got a platform to showcase her love for cooking. “I love cooking and it is my hobby and have used seven types of fruits to make my fruit dessert. I have also used two types of Horlicks for the topping and I am thrilled to present it to the judges,” she said.

Ankita, another student, said that her experience has been good. “These kinds of events help students interact with the students of other schools and learn about team work,” she added.