Karnataka terror module handlers based in Saudi Arabia

Karnataka terror module handlers based in Saudi Arabia

Investigators probing the activities of busted terror module in Karnataka have found that the handlers of the arrested 'terrorists' were based in Saudi Arabia and most of them were Indians, government sources said today.

This is the third case where anti-India elements were found to be operating from the Gulf country. Deported LeT terrorist Abu Jundal and Indian Mujahideen activist Fasih Mahmood, who is still in the custody of Saudi authorities, were running their terror modules from there.

"We have found that handlers of those arrested in Karnataka are based in Saudi Arabia. Most of these handlers are Indians and they are in regular touch with ISI operatives," the sources said.

Karnataka police has so far arrested 14 persons after busting a terror module and preliminary investigations showed that the suspects had plans to target Sangh Parivar leaders, MPs, a media owner and two journalists.

Those arrested were given the task of gathering information about various terror targets besides expanding their module with inclusion of new recruits.

Sources said it was a worrying sign that young and educated people have been radicalised and lured into terror activities.

"We believe that more people are involved in the module and some more arrests will follow soon," the sources said.