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Filmi Fundas

Straight from the heart

Kareena Kapoor always thinks from her heart. “Kareena is very emotional by nature and will go out of her way to do things for friends. And this is not limited to her inner circle. Kareena takes her decisions from her heart when it comes to close friends and she will go to any length to be a part of their movies,” says a source.
For instance, the actress did it for Main Aur Mrs Khanna. The Khan brothers — Salman and Sohail, have always been close to the Kapoors. Salman and Karisma have been paired in various movies and are very close friends. Karisma was glad that Kareena accepted her suggestion to do the movie.
Kareena has also known director Prem Soni. And since this was his first brush with direction, Kareena lent her full support to him. Prem is completely moved as Kareena has time and again gone out of her way to be a part of his film. “Overall Main Aur Mrs Khanna turned out to be a pleasant experience for Kareena,” adds the source. “It is one of the most memorable roles that I have done,” says Kareena.

Pushing the blues away

Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar bonded well as was evident when Sanjay Dutt invited Akshay Kumar to his house for the Mata Ki Chowki puja. Akshay and wife Twinkle Khanna were amongst the first to arrive at the Mata Ki Chowki.
And proof that this bonhomie was real was seen when in return, Akshay invited his co-stars Sanjay Dutt and Zayed Khan for the finale of his show Khatron Ke Khiladi — 2. All the three male leads of the underwater action thriller Blue have recently shot with the final contestants for the nail-biting finale of this season!
Looks like the gossip mills will have to resign themselves to their friendship and look for other fodder.
Blue, an underwater action thriller directed by Anthony D’Souza, is one of Bollywood’s most ambitious and promising projects till date.
The movie captures the fast-paced action, above and below the ocean as never seen before in Indian cinema.
With a dream cast of Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan, Rahul Dev and Katrina Kaif, this underwater action thriller promises to set your pulses racing this Diwali.

Villainous namesakes

Ajay Devgan and Ranbir Kapoor are as different as chalk and cheese so what in God’s name could they possibly have in common? Apparently, they both have the same on-screen name in their respective forthcoming films. And the icing on the cake is that the common name is the very name of the Bollywood baddie of yesteryears – Prem Chopra.
While Ajay will be wooing Bipasha Basu in the comic caper All The Best, Ranbir will be romancing Katrina in Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani where its not his screen name, but he uses it in a gag.
Well looks like both the actors will definitely be living their roles up in a truly villainous style.

Thorough professional

Samir Kochhar has been continuously shooting for 30 days for Apurva Lakhia’s film Hide and Seek, directed by Shawn Arranha. Since the shoot was in Ahmedabad in the nights, Samir’s body clock totally changed on the 31st day when he had to report for Jagmohan Mundra’s film Chase, which had some heavy duty action.
Samir, who prefers to shoot his own action sequences, without any duplicates was shocked when Mundra told him that since he has not been sleeping well, it was better to get a duplicate to do the sequence. Samir did not relent and gave his best shot, and elicited claps when he jumped from a height of eight feet to get on to a rope. As the stress was there, while landing on the ground, Samir twisted his ankle and also got a severe pain in the lower back.
It was so bad that he was immediately rushed to the clinic for scan and X-ray and was advised 48 hours bed rest due to an extreme strain in the muscle which led to a ligament tear. Samir had to report for shooting the next day as the film is on the verge of completion. The actor took pain killers and completed the shoot the next day. Now that’s what we call professionalism.

A true Salman fan

Even after getting beaten black and blue by the macho Salman Khan in his latest flick Wanted, Harry Josh still believes that his real hero is Salman. Harry Josh, who plays a villain in Boney Kapoor’s Wanted says Salman is his all-time favourite hero. “Salman bhai is a gem of a person. He is so generous and down-to-earth. When needed, he lends a helping hand to anyone and everyone,” says a much enthusiastic Harry.
Harry who has played a bad guy’s character in many big films ranging from Dhoom 2 to Welcome is now keen on playing the villain’s role. “My height, built and face structure suits a bad guy’s image and I truly believe that any character if played perfectly leaves a good image.”