Unfair delay

Unfair delay


The Congress high command’s inability to take a decision on the late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s successor — nearly a month after his death — has hit the Andhra Pradesh’s administration badly. Finance minister K Rosaiah has been sworn in as chief minister but he himself is not sure if it is more than a temporary arrangement. The orchestrated demand to make YSR’s son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy the chief minister started immediately after the leader’s death in a helicopter crash. Though almost the entire legislature party, the state party organisation and the MPs from the state have made the demand, the high command has not conceded it possibly because Jaganmohan is short on political and administrative experience and the party leadership by nature is vary of leaders emerging with support from lower levels.

But the uncertainty has plunged the state into administrative paralysis. The chief minister does not take any decision other than the routine ones, ministers do not attend to work and officials have abstained from decision-making. Some ministers had even refused to attend meetings held by Rosaiah to express their disapproval of the interim arrangement and to press the demand for Jaganmohan’s annointment. They relented after a warning was issued by the high command but the all-out campaign still continues in Delhi and in Hyderabad. There is even a threat of revolt in the party and talk of formation of a ‘YSR party’ if the high command does not oblige the loyalists. That amounts to pressure tactics and even blackmail. The central leadership is possibly taking that also into consideration while taking a decision. It is perhaps waiting for the assembly elections in three states to get over next month to announce its decision on leadership in Andhra Pradesh.

That is being unfair to the people of the state who have given an impressive mandate to the party a second  time. They deserve an active administration. A number of serious issues that directly affect the people, like drought and swine flu, need to be handled by the government urgently and seriously. Rosaiah is unable to exert any authority in the absence of any clear signal from the high command that he will continue. The present vacuum is worse than President’s rule. To prolong it for another month is to do great injustice to the people of the state.

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