For practical knowledge

For practical knowledge

The students of HKBK College of Engineering recently attended a seminar, which proved to provide them with some helpful insights when it comes to their future careers.

The seminar, which was organised by the department of information science and engineering of the college, focussed on the importance and techniques of networking, and how best to use it in a corporate framework.

This lecture was delivered by Raman, the director of Somadisha Consultants. Around 120 students of the college, from different departments such as information science, engineering and computer science, attended the lecture to pick up some useful tips. The seminar was coordinated by Asghar Pasha and anchored by Syeda Saba, both professors of the college.

There were many interesting subjects which were touched upon as part of the programme. One of them included a discussion on computer networks and their relationship with humans — a decade down the line. Real time instances were discussed to give the students a better understanding of the theory they were being taught.

Raman gave his discussion a practical tweak by discussing an array of measures to secure oneself from the different kinds of attacks which occur over networks. The students seemed quite interested in the topic, especially when the discussion turned to the issue of conversion of domain names into IP addresses — something which they clearly felt would help them in the future.

This wasn’t all, though. Raman also touched upon the issue of computer hacking, and how to keep one’s network free from external attack.
The students were rapt with attention, trying to relate the theoretical knowledge to their own experience.

Arun A, a seventh-semester ISE student of the college, was especially interested in the topic. He says, “The discussion was really a learning experience. In fact, the concept of hacking, in particular, interested me.”

 Mahvesh Fathima, another seventh-semester ISE student, adds, “The discussion touched on many topics, like the kinds of attacks people can face, social networking sites and firewalls. I think the part about the protocols and firewalls very interesting. These are some facts I wasn’t aware of, but I’m sure they’ll help me out.”