Lack of sponsor upsets Kashyap

Lack of sponsor upsets Kashyap

He might be the first Indian male shuttle to reach the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games, but Parupalli Kashyap is still struggling to get a sponsor after his earlier contract ended about a year back.

Though badminton is gaining in popularity and the prize money has also gone up substantially in the last few years, the lack of a sponsor has prompted Kashyap to rethink about his career.

"It will affect me, obviously. Because if I am thinking about the next Olympics or next tournament...every player who is playing badminton is worried about 'how am I going to play or what is going to happen after badminton'," he said.

"Am I going to earn enough money? What am I going to do? There are so many questions and confusions in the mind. I hope big corporates come and help us out. It is not easy (to win medals in global events like Olympics). The support we get is not enough," Kashyap told PTI.

The 25-year-old Kashyap, currently ranked world number 19, said that it would have helped his cause had any incentive came his way after he managed to reach the quarterfinals of the London Olympics last month.

Meanwhile, Kashyap is all set to leave for the China Open next Saturday and he said that he has prepared well for the upcoming tournament.