Now, anti-Rabies vaccine painless

Last Updated 28 September 2009, 17:27 IST

A sample of Intradermal rabies vaccination (IDRV) was also demonstrated at the BBMP hospital in Banashankari. BBMP Chief Health Officer L T Gayatri said, "Earlier the intramuscular (IM) vaccination was given inside the muscle, now the painless intradermal will be given inside the skin on both arms," she said. She added that IDRV was cost-effective compared to IM. With just two vials of vaccine, five dog bite victims could be vaccinated.

Dr D J Ashwath Narayana from Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) said that IDRV vaccine will be available in all government hospitals across the City from Tuesday. BBMP Special        Commiss ioner Maheswar Rao said that BBMP was taking considerable effort in vaccinating and sterilising stray dogs in the City.  "Citizens need to keep their surroundings clean by handing over the garbage to BBMP garbage collectors."

Rabies is virtually an incurable and 100 per cent fatal disease even today.  According to World Health Organisation statistics, in 2004 more than 55,000 persons died of it and 20,000 of them were from India.  The main cause for Rabies in India is the bite from a rabid animal and about 97 per cent of the cases are from dog bites.

*  Stray dog menace
*  No proper vaccination
*  Not obtaining licence for pet dogs
*  Low awareness in public to take prophylaxis post-exposure to animal bite
*  Non-availability of modern anti-rabies and immunoglobulins at government hospitals.

Dos and Don’ts after animal bite:
(Dogs, Cats, Cows, Goat, Horse, Monkey and Squirrel)

*  Wash the wound with running tap water for 10 minutes
*  Wash with detergent soap and water
*  Apply antiseptics like spirit or iodine
*  Infiltrate immunoglobulins in depth and around the wound in case of severe bites
* Rush to nearest anti-rabies clinic (ARC)

*  Don’t apply dressing
*  Don’t touch the wound with bare hands
*  Don’t apply irritants like soil, chillies, oil, herbs, chalk and beetle leaves.
*  Don’t suture the wound
*  Don’t cauterise the bite wound
*  Don’t rely on charms
*  Don’t kill the bitten animal

(Published 28 September 2009, 17:27 IST)

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