'Television is my first love'

'Television is my first love'


Actor Ssharad Malhotra, who recently made his Bollywood debut with From Sydney with Love, received much appreciation for the way he played the role of the hero. Metrolife spoke to him about his experiences working in this film and his stint with television.

“I was genuinely surprised to see that there was no competition. But then, we are all budding actors and equally new to the film industry. It’s great to work with people who has love for the project and not just for their character,” says Ssharad, who is quite content with the final look of the film.

“I belong to the fraternity of television where we tend to rehearse a lot. But I loved the fact that I could be spontaneous and natural for this film. Eighty per cent of Ssharad Malhotra is Rohit Khurana, the character I play!”

This film was a big step for him because he is moving to a whole new genre after having spent two-and-a-half-years working in the serial Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. “Television is my first love and I owe it to television for whatever little recognition and appreciation that I have achieved so far. But people say films give a different kind of high. I wanted to experience that magnified, larger-than-life feeling,” shares the young actor. “I’m open to everything, as long as the actor inside me is challenged,” he adds.

He goes on to explain how he is like water and takes the shape of whatever vessel he is put into. “It’s not the medium but the excitement of acting that counts. For TV, the acting has to be slightly over the top because you have to get the viewer’s attention. In a film, I have your attention because you’re sitting there ready to watch it. It has to be more subdued and natural acting,” he says.