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Tele buzz

Shopping spree

Market Values follows the flea market trail around the world, hunting for a good bargain. Host Ishai Goran takes you on a journey where you can witness and explore the lesser known shopping truths — from exotic spices, flowers and delicious food to the regional treasures of each place he visits. Check out Market Values, weeknights at 7 pm, on Fox Traveller.

Eat your heart out

Bikramjit Ray takes to the trail, looking for the prefect bride. His only criterion is that she should know how to cook the most delicious food he’s ever tasted. Hilarity ensues as Bikramjit tries his best to impress the girls and their families, while at the same time wheedling out the most delicious recipes they have to offer. Fat Man and 13 Brides airs every Saturday on NDTV GoodTimes at 8.30 pm. You can catch the show today at 2 pm.

The panda’s back!

Follow the adventures of ‘Dragon Warrior’ Po, the panda, and the Furious Five as they attempt to stop Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2.

In this sequel, Lord Shen fights hand-to-hand with a martial arts style called Cai Li Fo, a Chinese martial art that normally uses a metal fan for defense and distraction. However, being a peacock, Lord Shen uses his large tail feathers for that purpose instead. Watch this animated action-comedy unfold today, at 1pm and 9pm, on HBO today.