BU gets show-cause notice on Syndicate meetings

BU gets show-cause notice on Syndicate meetings

The Department of Higher Education has issued a show cause notice to the Bangalore University for violating the statutes prescribed for the university Syndicate meet.

The recent syndicate meetings of the university were in news for chaos and lack of consent among the members on various agendas. Besides, a few of the Syndicate meetings were convened by merely circulating the agendas and getting them passed.

The department has asked the University to clarify within seven days, failing which action will be taken against the officials concerned.

The university has been criticised for keeping several issues pending since January, without convening a Syndicate meeting. The Under Secretary of the Department of Higher Education has sought an explanation from the university for conducting meetings by way of circulating the agenda and getting resolutions passed, without inviting the members to the meeting.

In the circulars issued for the 107th and 108th meetings, Vice-Chancellor Prabhu Dev states that the meetings are being conducted by way of circulation “due to the unprecedented violence in the Syndicate meeting held on May 7, 2012.”

The statute for the Syndicate meetings specifies that the university has to circulate the resolutions recorded in the meeting and the university cannot collect the resolutions by merely circulating the agendas. This is also in violation of the Section 28 of the Karnataka State Universities Act, the show cause notice, points out.

Resolutions were passed for  issues such as renewal of affiliation to colleges, granting autonomy to CMR Institute of Management Studies among other issues.