Veteran Lohit wins third leg

Veteran Lohit wins third leg

Seasoned campaigner Lohit Urs of Team R3A clocked a time of 2:01.10s and won first place in the Class V up to 3,000cc in his Mitsubishi Cedia in the third round of the Indian National Autocross Championship here on Sunday.

A total of 87 cars took part in the seven classes conducted by Mysore Automotive Racing Club (MARC). The qualifying rounds were held in the morning and the finals were conducted in the afternoon and evening session.

The results: Class I (up to 850cc): Baban Khan (Bangalore- 2:19.48s) 1; Ashok Mudigere (2:22.99s- Mudigere) 2; Syed Salman Ahmed (Mysore-2:25.69s) 3.

Class II: 850cc to 1,250cc: Suchindra SP (Bangalore- 2:16.13s)  1; Ranjith Ballal (Bangalore- 2.17:59s) 2; Lokesh Gowda (Bangalore- 2:18.21s) 3.

Class III: 1,250cc to 1,400 c: Adithya KH (Chickmaglur-2:12.17s) 1; BS Rudresh  (Chickmaglur-2:13.56s) 2; Ranjith Ballal (Bangalore-2:13.98s) 3.

Class IV: Over 1,400cc to 1600cc: B Den Thimmiah (Coorg-2:08.56s) 1; Chethan Shivram (Bangalore-2:12.09s) 2; Sridhar Urs (Bangalore-2:12.38s) 3.

Class V: Up to 3,000cc: Lohit Urs (Team R3A-Mysore-2:01.10s) 1; Chethan Shivram (Bangalore-2:03.01s) 2.; Syed Salman Ahmed (Mysore-2:04.08s) 3.

Class VI: 4x4 Gypsy Class: Ranjith Ballal (Bangalore-2:14.59s) 1; Philip Thomas (Kerala- 2;16.70s) 2; Shafeeq-ur-Rehman (Chickamaglur-2:17.92s) 3.

Class VII: Ladies Class: Ashika (Bangalore-Team R3A-2:22.28s) 1; Niveditha Harsha (Mysore-2:35.29s) 2; Swapna (Sakleshpur- Team R3A-2:37.25s) 3.