Police fight over jurisdiction as victim pleads to nab culprits

Police fight over jurisdiction as victim pleads to nab culprits

Miscreants get time to escape while cops busy noting details

Three miscreants armed with iron rods first robbed a 25-year-old software engineer on the busy road connecting ITO and Geeta Colony, and when the victim escaped from their clutches and begged for help from passers-by, no one bothered to stop for the next 15 minutes.

Finally, when a few people stopped to help them, the miscreants challenged them and then fled.

The police were informed, but they came half-an-hour later from two police stations and fought over jurisdictions, despite the victim’s plea that the miscreants can be nabbed if they acted swiftly.

The incident happened at 8 pm on Saturday. The victim, identified as Mohit Shetty, was returning home at Geeta Colony in east Delhi from Darya Ganj in central Delhi along with his wife.

“Unfortunately, the tire got punctured near Yamuna flyover. I was pushing my motorcycle and my wife was walking beside me. I also called one of my friends to tell him about my situation and asked him to bring a mechanic with him,” Shetty told Deccan Herald.
Refused to mend
The mechanic came with Shetty’s friend, but he refused to mend the tyre and asked him to bring the motorcycle at his shop.
The victim asked his friend to drop both his wife and the mechanic, after which he would push the two-wheeler for some distance to see if he can find another mechanic.

“As I was pushing my motorcycle, a miscreant jumped out from the vacant land beside the road and snatched my chain and took cash from my pocket. Before I could react, I saw two more miscreants armed with rods coming towards me, he said.

“I left my two-wheeler and asked people for help, but no one came for fifteen minutes. I kept running as they chased me,” he added.

Then a few people on motorcycles stopped and offered help.
“Seeing people with me, they stopped chasing and went towards my motorcycle and smashed it. As more people came, they ran in the direction of the bush,” said Shetty.

Late arrival

He rang the police control room and two teams came after 30 minutes.
“I narrated the incident to the personnel of the two police vans, but they kept on fighting over jurisdiction rather than nabbing the accused.
Another police van came and the officials said the incident was under their jurisdiction and they will take the case,” said Shetty.

Time to escape

He said police were busy noting down details of the complaint instead of going after the miscreants, giving them time to flee.

Shetty managed to take the two-wheeler home with the help of police.
A case has been filed with Kotwali police station in north Delhi.