At the summit of faith

At the summit of faith

At the summit of faith

A journey to Male Mahadeshwara Hills is a visual treat for nature lovers. According to mythology, this place is where the deity of Mahadeshwara arrived, after traversing 77 hills.

Travelling through the forest covered with thick vegetation is an unmatched experience. As one embarks on the journey to the hills beginning from the arch at the entrance, one’s driving skills are tested by the many bends and curves that the road takes.

There is no dearth of devotees who also trek to the temple on top of the hill, to fulfill their vows.

Though it’s difficult to count the number of curves, according to the locals, it’s only after 30 or so curves later that the road leads one to the shrine. A small temple on a concrete platform is the place from where you can enjoy the serene landscape dotted with fields and hills.

The area around the temple has been spruced up for the benefit of devotees who cannot afford accommodation in the shrine. Sleeping mats can be rented for Rs 10 here. Also, home-made food is sold outside the temple. Near the shrine is a glass house, which is home to mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

Another interesting feature of this shrine is the huge number of sparrows. The sparrow, which has gone extinct in urban areas, draws bird watchers and ornithologists to the region.

The shrine, situated in the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, attracts devotees from both the States.