Thief jumps off 8th floor, survives

Thief jumps off 8th floor, survives

To prevent being captured by a couple whose house he was allegedly trying to burgle, a thief jumped from an eighth floor flat. He survived but suffered a major spinal injury.

The man, Kemparaj, 19, broke into the flat of senior high court advocate, T G Kamath, at the 16-storey Brigade Gateway apartments at Subramanya Nagar near Rajajinagar.

As he sneaked in, he found the lawyer and his wife were sleeping. He pocketed a costly mobile, but happened to notice a gold chain worn by the advocate’s wife. He tried to remove the chain. The woman awoke and screamed, waking up her husband.

The couple tried to capture Kemparaj. In panic, alleged burglar rushed out of the flat and leapt from the balcony parapet landing on a patch of shrubs. Kamath rushed down to find Kemparaj injured.

Kemparaj  has been arrested earlier. The apartment complex manned by two security guards round the clock.

 “Kemparaj was very lucky. If he had fallen a few inches away, he would have been killed on the spot. The shrubs saved his life,” said a policeman at the spot. Kemparaj was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and then referred to Nimhans.

The Casualty Medical Officer at Nimhans, said Kemparaj suffered a grievous injury on his spinal cord, fracturing his lumbar vertebrae (spinal cord). Weak on both his legs, he couldn’t walk.

Following a CT scan, the doctors were likely to conduct a surgery later. But Kemparaj had no problem communicating with the doctors.
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