What's the buzz

What's the buzz

High heels lead to foot pain later

Researchers at the Institute for Aging Research of Hebrew SeniorLife in a new study of older adults and foot problems found that the types of shoes women wear may cause future hind-foot (heel and ankle) pain.

Nearly 64 per cent of women who reported hind-foot pain regularly wore these types of shoes at some point in their life.

“We found an increased risk of hind-foot pain among women who wore shoes, such as high-heels or pumps, that lack support and sound structure,” says lead author Alyssa B Dufour.

The study is one of the first to examine the association between shoe wear-beyond just high-heel use-and foot pain.

The researchers, who analysed foot-examination data from more than 3,300 men and women in the study, say past shoe wear among women is a key factor for hind-foot pain. They found no significant link between foot pain and the types of shoes men wear.

Weight loss and sleep apnea

Obese people with sleep apnea may triple the chances of eliminating their sleep problems by losing weight, claims a new study. More than just loud snoring, sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease and a poor quality of life.
“Existing research has been limited by a number of factors, so there are very few studies that show whether the recommended amount of weight loss — about 10 per cent — is enough to sufficiently improve sleep apnea,” said Gary Foster, director of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education.

A pet can help you stay healthy

Having a pet in your life can help you stay hale and hearty, say researchers.
Owning a four-legged, furry pet would help lower blood pressure, encourage exercise and also improve psychological health.

“Pets are of great importance to people, especially during hard economic times,” said Rebecca Johnson, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Research Centre for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI).

“Pets provide unconditional love and acceptance and may be part of answers to societal problems, such as inactivity and obesity,” she added.

In a study sponsored by ReCHAI, ‘Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound and Stay Fit for Seniors’, a group of older adults were matched with shelter dogs, while another group of older adults were partnered with a human walk buddy.

For 12 weeks, participants were encouraged to walk on an outdoor trail for one hour, five times a week.

Sudoku can make you fat

Filling in a Sudoku grid or doing a crossword can make you fat, claims a new study.
The study conducted by Canadian researchers claims that any person who taxes his or her brain on word games uses up energy needed to exercise.

To reach the conclusion, two groups of volunteers were sent for evening gym exercises for eight weeks but one were set a series of mental tests needing concentration by day.
They did not exercise as hard, said Kathleen Martin Ginis.