For amateur scientists

For amateur scientists

Innovative Projects

PES Institute of Technology, south campus, was dotted with colourful science projects recently.

Students of more than 170 schools and PU colleges got a platform to display their talent at ‘The Amateur Scientist-2012’. The science projects were mostly based on physics and life sciences. “We wanted to promote the study of pure sciences and hence, invited the students to exhibit their projects. We had entries from 170 colleges and shortlisted around 90 of them. Many schools from outside the City have also come to participate in the competition,” says Kripalini, one of the faculty members.

She adds that the students got a lot exposure and their organising and leadership skills were tested during the competition. “The students organised and conducted the competition. We oversaw their work. They put up a great show,” she says.

The science exhibition provided each team with its own individual, fully-functional stall, with areas to display its flex banners and other propaganda. Last year, students from over 70 colleges in Bangalore took part in the fest. This year, the contest had been expanded to all over the state.

Srikar, a member of the organising committee, says that the groundwork for the competition started last semester.

“This semester, we gave the finishing touches and the response was very good. Overall, it was a learning experience and we had a lot of fun while organising it. We faced many obstacles but found solutions for the various problems during the programme,” he notes.

The first place was bagged by ‘Vidhyaashram’ from Mysore and they were awarded a cash prize along with the winner’s trophy.  Sindhu, who was also a member of the organising committee, points out that the biggest challenge that they faced while organising the programme was convincing the schools who were based out of Bangalore that the students would be safe.

“Approaching them with this idea was very difficult. They were not ready to send the students, as they were concerned about their safety. But we assured them that the students would be taken care of, as we had made proper arrangements for their stay,” she explains.