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Last Updated : 13 September 2012, 12:49 IST

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While renovating your home or building a new one, selection of tiles is one of the most important tasks. Look for digital varieties that add character to your walls, suggests Swati Kapur

What are digitiles? Simply put, they are digitally printed tiles. They give the walls character, thanks to stunning art work that deviates from the clichés of the dull painted walls.

Choose from the umpteen design possibilities, sharper finishes and high-resolution printing. Art lovers can now create their own tiles and personalise their walls. You can also choose from a variety of 3D tiles with high and low relief for a unique handcrafted effect on the walls.

A six-colour prism printing technology enables decoration with photo-quality image or design on plain or a textured surface. This also renders a high-definition (HD) digital reproduction of colours. The same effect can be taken to stones, marble or wood.

The technology makes even the minutest details come alive as print. “Such high definition printing on curves and edges allows detailing on every fragment of the tile surface thus creating a virtually flawless digital canvas in almost any form,” says Alok Goel, CEO, NITCO Ltd.


How does one decide what would look good once printed on the tiles and up on the wall? Tile design studios help out with print options and sample printing to help you see the closest possible finished product even before you order printing.

“Tiles with the natural finish of marble and wood are most wanted. Marble design tiles have a super glossy finish that gives a marble-like feel to the surface,” adds Alok. But are these tiles affordable? “The marble finish digital tiles are very affordable and long-lasting. For high-end luxury homes, tiles with metallic textures and patterns embossed in gold, silver, bronze, copper or steel are also popular,” he says.

A plus point for those in humid areas is that these tiles are antibacterial and odour-free, and resist stains, dirt and can be cleaned up with a damp mop, sponge or common household cleaners. Brands to look out for include Johnson Tiles, Somany and Nitco.

Design it

Akanksha Grover from Delhi was confused about what to do with the shaft wall that could be directly seen from her living room. “People gave all sorts of suggestions for the wall that supports our utility area as well – wall paintings, wall paper, photograph collage, etc but what really appealed to our eyes was a highlighted wall on a pearly white backdrop. We accentuated the wall with digitally printed tiles with Mona Lisa on it.

The wall is more of a focal point and a point of discussion for people sitting in the living room now,” she says. Digital tiles are best suited for a feature wall that needs highlighting. With the rest of the walls as plain, have a patterned or brighter section highlighted with digital tiles.

For instance, white-washed walls or plain tiles or maybe simple colour wallpaper could be used throughout a room with a wall or section of digital tiles to add interest. The tiles are joint-free, which refers to a perfect cut tile that gives a complete joint-free look. These tiles do wonders in a nursery or the children’s room, making it more exciting for them.

Digital tiles are also becoming popular in bathrooms as they make a small room look
bigger. “Digital tiles with a natural finish are in great demand. These tiles add instant glamour and panache to any space. This new range that has been created using innovative digital printing provides enthralling natural material finishes.

The technology replicates natural finishes with a photo-like finish capturing detailing on every molecule of the tile surface. As elegant as natural materials, tiled floors are easier to lay, look more fashionable and are quite sustainable,” says Sanjeev Ranjan, Dy GM Marketing, Somany Ceramics Limited.

Available in sizes 496x496mm, 600x600mm and 605x605mm, choose and use your desired print on your favourite walls. So, just like everything else out there, go digital with your tiles now.

Published 13 September 2012, 12:36 IST

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