Soaring popularity of online comics

Soaring popularity of online comics

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A lot of youngsters are switching to reading e-comics. The option of translation, available in e-form, also gives them the chance to read comics in other languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

The latest comic to join he e-form is one on the legendary wildlife conservationist Jim Corbett. It has been encapsulated into a pictorial illustration. This was launched recently on the occasion of his 137th birth anniversary.

The youngsters get information about the latest in e-comics from their friends and download them from websites, exclusively dedicated to these comics. E-comics are a form of relaxation for most of them.

Deepayan, a student of class twelve, says that gone are the days when teenagers bought the hard-bound comic books. The online version seems to be the popular choice of many.

“I remember buying comics when I was a 10-year old. The moment I became computer savvy, I started reading the online version. Sometimes I have paid for the e-comics as well. I feel it is easier to download them and read. A book has its own charm, but an e-book has its advantages, you can download the series you want and the graphics are clearer,” he adds.

Many youngsters have taken up reading Japanese and Chinese comics like ‘Manga’ and say that the illustrations are much better than the Indian ones. With the Indian ones being touted as generic by many youngsters, the shift to the Oriental e-comics, which are easily available online, has become common among them.

 “I started reading Japanese comics after I was told about them by my friends. They have a good storyline and the ones which are action-oriented have beautiful illustrations. I know some people who are addicted to Japanese comics. I download them when I want to,” says Ashwin, a student.

These comics can be downloaded free of cost. The youngsters point out that one of the reasons why the Indian comics are not as popular as the Japanese and the Chinese ones is because the websites are not very user-friendly. “The Indian comic sites are not user-friendly. There is also a concern of contracting viruses from these sites. This dissuades us.

I am an avid comic reader and love illustrations, I have heard about the latest one on Jim Corbett’s life and  am trying to get hold of that too,” reasons Tushar, a student.