BBMP fixes uniform betterment charge at Rs 560 per sq mt

BBMP fixes uniform betterment charge at Rs 560 per sq mt

The BBMP has fixed Rs 560 per sq mt as betterment charges for revenue pockets which have been converted by deputy commissioners (DC). The conversion rate will be unform for all sites.

The betterment charge for a site admeasuring 30x40, per sq mt of revenue sites with DC conversion will be at least 273 per cent more than the previous differential rates levied by the Palike. For 40x60 sites, the rates will zoom up by 180 per cent. For a site above the dimension of 60x40, which was previously charged Rs 300 per sq mt, the charges will go up by 86 per cent.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Taxation and Finance Standing Committee Chairperson Munee­n­dra Kumar said on Friday that the Palike has confirmed the rate at Rs 560 per sq mt on account of the High Court diktat of providing a reasonable uniform rate.

“The rates have been arrived at after much deliberation and will be applicable to all dimensions of sites with DC conversion in the revenue pockets,” said Kumar. According to him, the rates will help the BBMP accrue close to Rs 300 crore to 400 crore this year itself. “The next three months are crucial for the Palike. We are trying all possible avenues to fill the BBMP coffers,” Kumar added.

Two years ago, the BBMP reintroduced betterment charges, with differential rates, a move that was stayed by the High Court.

The previous rates were fixed at Rs 150 per sq mt for 30x40 sites, Rs 200 per sq mt for 40x60 sites and Rs 300 for those sites in excess of 60x40 dimension.
The proposal will be brought before the Council.