German donor gives life to Pak patient in India

German donor gives life to Pak patient in India

He first went to US to treat blood related disorder

 A 36-year-old Pakistani national, diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, has been successfully treated at a private hospital.  An unrelated donor from Germany came to his rescue in absence of family members.

Abdul Samad went to the United States to get medical treatment when he was diagnosed with MDS, a blood related disorder in which production of myeloid class of blood cells becomes ineffective and can lead to frequent requirement of blood transfusion. Bone marrow transplant is the only cure for such patients.

Return to Pakistan

Doctors in the US suggested him to return to Pakistan for the transplant. But he was disappointed to find that none of his family members could donate him bone marrow.
Pakistan does not have facilities for transplants from a donor not related through bloodline.

Samad came to BLK Super Specialty Hospital and the search for an unrelated donor began.
The search ended in Germany where the doctors managed to find a 9/10 antigen match donor in German Bone Marrow Donor registry (DKMS).

The stem cells were harvested in Germany and shipped to India. Importing stem cells required a lot of protocol with the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India). After procuring the licence the transplant was carried out.

“In general, there are very less chances of survival of the patient after the transplant. We are happy to see that Abdul has recovered well,” said Dr Dharma Choudhary, consultant, hemato-oncology and director, Bone Marrow Transplant at the hospital.