Housing schemes: 34 houses ready in Yerlapadi

Housing schemes: 34 houses ready in Yerlapadi

The tiny hamlet nestled in the midst of wooded area in Karkala taluk is in the forefront in executing the beneficiary programmes introduced by both central and State governments especially the housing schemes.

As many as 14 houses were allotted for the Gram Panchayat under Indira Awas Yojana in 2011-12, of which, 10 houses were approved and about nine are completed and one is on the verge of completion. As many as 58 houses were sanctioned under Basava Vasati Yojana, of which, as many as 36 are approved and 25 houses are completed. The remaining eight is under various stages of construction.

The PDO said the GP has a population of 4,496 and there are 932 families. Earlier the income of the Panchayat was Rs 1,32,000 and it has been enhanced up to Rs 4,38,000 owing to effective mobilisation of the available resources, he added.

As many as 542 job cards are issued under MGNREGS as against the 308 number of families that are registered. Under Kaccha-Pucca housing facilities, as many as four houses are allotted, he added.

Sundari Achari, one of the beneficiaries of Indira Awas Yojana told reporters that she had to go for Rs 1 lakh of loan in Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project and SHGs to fulfill the requirements of additional funds. She had received Rs 50,000 as subsidy from the government. The registration of the house is done in her name. ZP CEO Prabhakar Sharma said all houses allotted under various housing schemes are registered in the name of woman although the land RTC is in the name of the man, he said.

The Kajakigudde area in Yerlpadi has a well constructed that serves the need of nearly 300 population. The construction is taken up by Panchayat Raj department. The expenditure is Rs 4.65 lakh as against the estimated cost of Rs 5 lakh. There are nearly 30 houses in the area.

The CEO said the well provides water for all 12 months of the year. The pond situated adjacent to the well recharges the capacity of ground water level in the well.

Hence, the people in and around do not have any shortage of drinking water, he informed. The well is burrowed in the hilly area which comprises of boulders and filthy sludge.