JD(U) backs Mamata's decision; wants FDI roll back

JD(U) backs Mamata's decision; wants FDI roll back

Terming as "bold and right" Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee's decision to withdraw support to government, JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav today said she is firmly rooted to the ground and understands the problems of people.

"I salute and welcome her bold and right decision. Last time also she had opposed the FDI decision during NDA rule," Yadav told reporters here.

Trinamool Congress, the second biggest constituent of the UPA, yesterday dealt a major blow to the Manmohan Singh government when it decided to withdraw its support on the issue of petroleum price hike, FDI in retail and corruption.

"She is firmly rooted to the ground and understands the problems of people. That is why she has taken the right decision against government's anti-people decision," he said.

When it was pointed out that Samajwadi Party might support the government, he said, "Like Mamata, Mulayam also belongs to masses and understands problems of people."

Describing the FDI decision as "unprecedented", Yadav said, "It would adversely affect the lives of 25 crore people in the country. It has never happened in the country and no Prime Minister has taken such decision in the last 64 years."

Attacking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for taking the FDI decision, he said, "Earlier he had ousted Left for signing N-deal and now he is ousting Mamata for FDI. Congress will suffer for it."

Asked who will form the next government if the UPA regime falls, Yadav said, "This is not our concern now. Whoever comes does not matter now."

On the 'Bharat bandh' called by opposition parties tomorrow, he said the protest will continue against the government's anti-people FDI decision" in retail till it is rolled back.

"If government does not roll back the decision then we will roll back the government," Yadav said.

He also welcomed DMK chief Karunanidhi's decision to support tomorrow's bandh.

Describing the UPA government as "worse than East India Company", the JD(U) leader said the movement against the FDI decision would continue.

However, he said, "This is not political parties' struggle but people's struggle. Shopkeepers, traders, vegetable sellers have given call for bandh tomorrow and we are fully supporting it."

Asked whether there is a need for convening a special session of Parliament, Yadav said there is no need to call a special session as it will not solve any problem.