Exotic experience in hot beaches

Discovery Travel and Living presents an all new series Beach Watch with the hot host Bridget Marquardt, who travels across countries to bring the sexiest beaches for the viewers.
In each episode, Bridget explores five tantalising beaches and immerses herself in everything from early morning sport, to late night luaus.
Cliff diving, bikini shopping, hanging out with beautiful locals, you name it and she has done it.
This episode follows Bridget and her friends enjoy the best their own back yard has to offer. Highlights include hang gliding over Zuma Beach, rollerblading along Venice Beach’s lively boardwalk, kaykaying with sharks in San Diego, and even showing off some trapeze skills at Santa Monica Pier. The show airs at 10 pm on October 1.

Change of character for Sudha

It’s dandiya time in Jyoti. The entire family will be seen playing dandiya together. But Sudha is all set to shock everyone once again during the celebrations. Sudha, who is staying at Jyoti’s sasural, will be participating in dandiya celebrations.
Initially she will play dandiya with everyone. But eventually she will once again turn into Devika and start screaming on Uday, which will keep everyone clueless about the same.
What is noticeable is that whenever Sudha turns into Devika, she starts screaming on Uday. What lies behind this hatred of Devika towards Uday remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Back to civilisation

This week on Survivorman, Les Stroud gets marooned on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and has only a few items to aid him : swimming goggles, three ballpoint pens, a multi-tool and the clothing on the back. On top of this, he has to lug around 50lbs of camera gear. Dehydration due to the intense heat and humidity will be his primary concern.
Soon he will be back in the snowy embrace of his native Canada and no doubt loving every frosty minute. Watch Survivorman on October 1 at 9 pm on Discovery Channel.

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