Politics is a profession where no training is required: Modi

Politics is a profession where no training is required: Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said the politics is one profession where no training is required.

Speaking in a lighter vein after inaugurating a seminar at 'Industry-Responsive Skill Convention' at Gandhinagar, Modi said, "Skill is required for almost all the professions, but you do not need any training for being a politician, the profession in which I am."

"Once a leader told his driver that he himself would drive the car. The driver said, let me get down first. When the leader asked why, the driver said, 'This is a car. Not a government'."

The chief minister expressed his resolve to promote skill development of youth through public-private-partnership model, to cater to the needs of the industry. Gujarat's ITIs had signed 119 MoU with the industries for various skill development programmes, he said.

Gujarat Government had taken a number of initiatives in this regard including upgradation of ITIs, setting up of 20 superior technology training centres, 1,074 skill development and training courses, etc, he said.

"India will need to adopt the strategy of exploring scope, scale, skill and speed for the youth if we want to compete with China," Modi said.