'Bacterias galore in Madikeri lakes'

But the water supplied to the people is clean
Last Updated 23 September 2012, 17:01 IST

A study conducted by a private agency has revealed that among all the water sources that supply water to Madikeri city, bacterias are found in four major lakes. While, the study also has a positive note to tell, that no bacteria was found in the purified water that was tested in the filter houses.

Mysore based Ganesh Consultancy and Analytical Services had conducted the study of various water sources in July and the report was recently submitted to Madikeri City Municipal Council. The agency had mainly examined the water quality at the filter house, Roshanar lake, Kannandabane lake, Jayanagara lake, borewell near Dasavala, hand pump behind the CMC building and borewell at Makanagalli in Mahadevpet.

The water was examined in three ways, namely physical test, chemical test and biological test and the agency has placed forward a few suggestions to improve the water quality.
The water supplied from filter house meets 65 per cent water demand in the city. The water which is supplied to the filter house from Kootuhole is purified and supplied to the citizens. The agency had taken samples and tested both pre and post purified water.

There was the presence of sour element in the pre-purified water from Kootuhole.
It also had acidic features and PH quantity less than seven per cent. The iron content in the water makes it hard. The purified water is free of bacteria and could be used for drinking purposes, says the report.

Bacterias were found in less quantity in Roshanar lake, Kannandabane lake, Jayanagara tank and in Pampina Kere. The agency has insisted on developing a filter house near every lake to prevent bacteria and use bleaching powder to purify the water.

Though the water of the hand pump behind the CMC building is hard water, it could used for drinking purposes. The Nitrate content in the hand pump near Dasavala is more than the required quality and no bacteria is found in its water, states the report.

The agency has also suggested to give biological treatment to the hand pump in Makanagalli in Mahadevpet. No chemical contents were traced in the water as there are no industries in the city outskirts.

“The water quality in Madikeri is considerably better compared to other cities. This could be further improved by developing few more filter houses. The open wells and lakes should undergo the process of chlorinating and bleaching for water purification,” the report suggests.

(Published 23 September 2012, 17:01 IST)

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