CMC members flay Malpe Development Committee

CMC members flay Malpe Development Committee

Malpe beach and St Marys island to be developed

Member Kiran Kumar said that Malpe Development Committee exists only on paper. No meeting has been held since its inception. As per laws, the committee should hold at least one meeting in a year. The present Committee should be superceded and new committee should  be formed. CMC members other than the two local members should be included in the newly constituted committee, he said.

Member Mohan Upadhayaya claimed that the reasons for setting up the Committee has not been made public yet. There is no transparency in the transactions of the committee including the finance, he added. Member Pandurang Malpe endorsed his views.
Commissioner Gokaldas Nayak informed that a meeting was held on  September 24 and all the financial records and balance sheets have been scrutinised. Rs 76 lakh each has been sanctioned for the development of Malpe beach and St Mary’s island. Of which,  Rs 26 lakh has been released for Malpe beach.  Rs 5 lakh has been released for St Mary’s island, he said.

Kiran Kumar urged the CMC members who are currently involved with committee to resign, he added.

Member Amrita Krishnamurthy said that sodium lamps on the newly laid fourlane stretch from Kinnimulkhi is very dim and the lights behind the hoardings and advertisement panels have enough focus.  President Dinaker Shetty promised to take appropriate measures and any breach of 15-year contract by the Silas Company will lead to the cancellation of the contract, he warned. The Silas Company from Mangalore is in charge of the street lights.  Congress Member Jayanand Nayak urged the CMC to repair  road near Badagubettu ward. However, the road near Badagubettu ward comes under PWD limits. Independent member Nityanand Olakadu was not allowed to speak further when he demanded rehabilitation facilities for the beggars in the City limits.
The other issues discussed in the meet include the survey for the 2nd phase construction of the drainages in Malpe, Manipal and Santhekatte area, the reluctance of the contractors to pay the PF fund for the outsourced labourers. MLA Raghupathy Bhat, Vice President Indira Shekar and others were present.