IIT prodigies give birth to 'Techmet'

Geniuses at work

 Mohit Mittal of second year BTech (Design) and Rajan Gupta of second year (Electrical Engineering) in their 20s’ are brimming with confidence as IIT-M’s unique annual technical festival, ‘Shaastra-2009’ opens on Wednesday, to unfurl their engineering and entrepreneurial spirits.

The students demonstrating how their helmet works to reporters, hope that ‘60 per cent lives” of accident victims could be saved by their two-in-one device that could also curb two-wheeler alcoholism.

The new ‘techmet’ may be slightly heavier than the present helmets because it is wired with a few gadgets that under the impact of any road accident, sends ‘SMS’ to the motorists’ relatives/peers and to the local Emergency service.

Buttressing the cushion within the helmet are an ‘accelerometer’, a blue-tooth-enabled cell phone, a ‘GPS module’, and ‘micro-controllers’. The duo said that a ‘threshold limit’ is first set in the ‘accelerometer’.

Once that limit is exceeded by any accident, it activates the ‘blue-tooth’ and connects it to the cell phone with the help of the ‘micro-controllers’.

That in turn triggers sending of an ‘SMS’ to pre-programmed numbers along with details of the accident-site’s location generated by the ‘GPS module’, they explained.

Again, in the case of drunken-driving, when the threshold limit is breached, the micro-controllers in the new helmet will bring the bike to a screeching halt, they explained. 

“We are looking to patenting at least two innovations this year including the new helmet,” M Govardhan, Dean,  IIT-M said. A ‘quad-rotor’ built by IIT-M students last year “is being looked into by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, he said.

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