Parpikallu bridge needs immediate repairs

A view of the Parpikallu bridge near Kokkada on Subrahmanya-Dharmasthala route. dh photo

The Parpikallu bridge near Kokkada on Subrahmanya-Dharmasthala route is an example for this.

Many pillars of the bridge across Kapila river are crumbling. The 120 mts-long bridge is 43 years old. Of the 13 pillars, at least 5  are on the verge of  collapse. Hundreds of vehicles ply on the route every day since it connects two major pilgrim centres of the district— Subrahmanya and Dharmasthala. Vehicle users said they are anxious each time they cross the bridge.

There are complaints that the bridge has reached the present state due to lack of maintenance by the Public Works Department.
Local people also opine that the pillars might have developed cracks due to the use of explosives.

“Some people use explosives to fish in Kapila river near the bridge regularly, which might have affected the bridge,” some members of the public said.
The bridge fence has partially collapsed due to an accident. Though it took place several months back, it has not been repaired so far.

The public have urged that the Department should immediately look into the issues before any tragedy takes place.

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