9 Virajpet TP members boycott meeting

Deputy Speaker attended the meeting. The meeting was held under the presidentship of Belyappa. A total of 17 members, including 3 nonimated members were present at the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting an altercation broke out between Bopaiah and senior member M K Pooviah over the right of nominated members to cast votes. Meanwhile 9 members asked the house an opportunity to discuss the no confidence motion moved against Belliyappa on August 26 but Belliyappa refused to allot any time for discussion over the matter. Belliyappa gave a ruling that issues mentioned in the agenda will be discussed first and other topics shall be discussed later. Raged by this, 9 members boycotted the meeting.

When the meeting was resumed after a break, the 9 members who boycotted the meeting asked Bopaiah to declare the meting held on August 19 as invalid as it was held despite shortage of quorum. Bopaiah brushed aside the demand and urged the members to co-operate with the Panchayat keeping aside their political differences.
Bopaiah said that the blue print for the expansion of private bus stand must be prepared at the earliest. The house decided to take up an emergency works at the earliest, prepare an action plan for Rs 5 crore to be released by the government, construct tourist watch tower at Maletirikebetta, prepare blueprint for development of Chatrakere-Gaurikere and appoint experience, permanent Chief Officer to Town Panchayat.
Bopaiah said that funds from the government must be utilised effectively. He said that additional funds can be released only if the funds released are used properly. He further said that Chief Officer has the power to call or cancel the meetings and no member can object or question this power.

During Lok Sabha elections, Rs 11 lakh were spent on putting up polling booths in Virajpet Town Panchayat limits. Bopaiah said that this amount must be reimbursed by the district administration and it must be borne from the election funds itself.
He said that spending money from Town Panchayat for elections is illegal.

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